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Reports: Raiders have talked trade up with Jets and if they don’t Bills will

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Buffalo Bills Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

At this point in the game, the smokescreens can work against you if they seem a bit too obvious. For instance the ones that say the Raiders have been moving Dwayne Haskins up their draft board. It all seems a little too convenient at this point to be true and what it reads like is that they would like someone to move ahead of them to get Haskins which would help ensure one of the draft’s top prospects falls to them.

When those smokescreens don’t work, you may just have to move up yourself if you’d like to ensure the guy you want is there. That’s what they reportedly have been talking about doing.

They aren’t alone though. Multiple reports have the Bills talking with the Jets as well and their target is expected to be Quinnen Williams, should the big defensive tackle make it out of the top two.

In my 2-round mock draft, I had the Bills trading up with the Raiders to get Williams, but it is looking more and more likely the Raiders could just take Williams if he’s there and close down any trade discussions, so the Bills are aiming higher and the Jets have made it clear they are looking to move down.

All this would change if Williams is the top pick to the Cardinals instead of the popular pick, Kyler Murray. Then, of course, the Jets could be working the phones talking to teams wanting to trade for the Oklahoma QB. Fun, fun, fun.