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AAF players now allowed to sign with NFL teams: Three former Raiders and two non-former Raiders who deserve to return

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AAF: Salt Lake Stallions at San Diego Fleet Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

This week the AAF closed up shop just 8 games into their first (and probably only) season. Shortly afterward, they made sure to let the NFL know that their players are free from any contracts and are able to sign with NFL teams immediately.

A full ten game season and playoffs would have offered a larger spotlight for many of these players, but even in eight games, there were a few who stood out and earned them another look from NFL teams. A few of those players were once Raiders and not only do they deserve another shot, the Raiders would be smart to bring them onto their offseason rosters to compete for a spot on their 2019 rosters.

ED DaMontre Moore

Moore spent two games with the Raiders last season. The former third round pick proved he can rush the passer, putting up 7.0 sacks in seven games. That sack-per-game average was best in the league. The Raiders don’t have the luxury to be turning their noses up at a player who can put up those kind of numbers. They currently have one edge rusher on the roster. Moore would be a welcome sight.

TE Marcus Baugh

Baugh had 13 catches for 202 yards, which was third among AAF tight ends and he added a couple touchdowns as well. With the loss of Jared Cook, the Raiders could use another tight end. Baugh may not be the answer as a starter, but with a wide open competition currently, this would be a good spot for him. He would be cheaper than Derek Carrier, and it wouldn’t take much to be more productive.

QB Garrett Gilbert

The AAF’s leading passer in its short lifespan, Gilbert proved he has the potential to be a solid NFL backup at very least. Currently the Raiders have a full house at quarterback, but you can’t tell me Gilbert wouldn’t give Nathan Peterman a run for his money. No one was banging down the doors of Mike Glennon or Landry Jones either.

T Terry Poole

Poole was never a Raider, but he was on the Seahawks roster under Tom Cable for a couple years. He was a 4th round pick by the Seahawks out of San Diego State and proved to be one of the better tackles in the AAF. Proving himself there along with his familiarity with Cable could be enough to get him an offseason invite.

G Ryan Cummings

Cummings never suited up for the Raiders, whether in the offseason or otherwise. But he deserves a shot. And with the Raiders in need of a guard, the 23-year-old would be a good signing. Read what The Athletic’s Arif Hasan said of Cummings, and tell me he isn’t a prime candidate for a camp invite:

Cummings was a former left tackle at Wyoming before moving inside to guard, and that shows in his movement ability. Unfortunately for the former Wyoming Cowboy, Cummings missed a big portion of his final year in college because of a severe case of bacterial meningitis. He earned a camp invite from the Houston Texans but didn’t get any playing time in training camps.

Several AAF players are already getting workouts with NFL teams and the Raiders would be smart to be among them.