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Charles Woodson, Shane Lechler to announce Raiders day two draft selections

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NFL: NFL Honors-Red Carpet Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of Raiders legends and future Hall of Famers will take the stage in Nashville to announce the Raiders draft selections. The second round selection will be announced by Charles Woodson and recently retired punter Shane Lechler is slated to announce their third round pick.

You might be thinking ‘But the Raiders don’t have a third round pick’. Well, yes, that’s true, they don’t. The NFL didn’t really say what Lechler would do if that remains the case, but should the Raiders trade back into the third round — and they very well may — Lechler will be the guy to announce it.

As per usual, Roger Goodell will announce each teams’ first round picks, which means he is scheduled to take the stage three times for the Raiders. Who knows, maybe the Raiders will trade back with one of their picks and either give Lechler his moment or get CWood onto the stage again.