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Antonio Brown deletes attempted shot at JuJu Smith-Schuster, vows ‘no more ammo’ to ‘media fakes’

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Antonio Brown takes petty to another level. A much lower one.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you think Antonio Brown has shot his shots and is ready to move on, NOPE! Not even. The All Pro receiver started a new feud with former Steelers teammate JuJu Smith-Schuster on Sunday by scoffing at the Steelers naming him the team MVP.

This just minutes after Brown ironically tweeted out to “Keep your emotions off the internet.” A statement Smith-Schuster would simply repeat shortly thereafter.

Then Smith-Schuster stayed on the classy side of this, adding how much love and respect he always showed Antonio Brown during their two seasons together in Pittsburgh.

He then added a Mark Twain quote that seemed appropriate for the moment, though he didn’t say the quote was directed at Brown specifically.

Brown apparently was not satisfied with his initial attack on his former teammate and the response, because he was back at it Monday morning with an odd Instagram post that actually proves Smith-Schuster correct, while making Brown look monumentally petty.

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........ #OnToTheNext

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Update: Antonio Brown has deleted this IG post. Here is what it looked like for those who missed it:

This is apparently a screenshot Brown took of a DM from Smith-Schuster back in 2015 while he was still at USC reaching out to Brown for advice and showing him the love and respect he said he had even before he joined the Steelers.

Brown’s words on this were merely a microphone emoji and the hashtag #OnToTheNext. Whatever that means.

This can’t be going over well with the Raiders who probably thought he had left this kind of nonsense behind him when he forced his way out of Pittsburgh. He is such an incredibly talented receiver. Part of that comes from his need to prove himself all the time. It gives him an edge. But that doesn’t require this spectacle. The Raiders are a week from starting their offseason program and there’s already this unwanted noise.

Update: Shortly after deleting his Instagram post, Antonio Brown went on twitter and vowed not to give any more ammo to the “media fakes.”

It doesn’t really matter that he calls out supposed “media fakes.” What matters is if he will follow thru and cut this crap out. He seems to realize it’s not a good look. Or perhaps someone got in his ear and told him to knock it off. Either way, let’s hope it sticks.