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S&B Pridecast Ep 20 Mailbag: Which Raiders draft pick will have the biggest impact? Biggest disappointment? Where to Raiders spend their remaining cap money?

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All the major free agent additions are in house and the draft is behind us. The next step is for all of them to take the field together in OTA’s. That will be the first time the Raiders get their first good look at their 2019 roster.

With the team forming largely behind is and the team preparation in the coming weeks, it seemed like the perfect time to field a few readers questions for a mailbag podcast.

As usual, there were some great questions and we fielded as many as we could, the best we could.

We are now two weeks removed from the draft, if you can believe that. So, we’ve had plenty of time to digest the Raiders haul and what they could mean for the team, as well as what needs that are still unaddressed.

The Raiders still have $29 million to spend under the salary cap, even though there isn’t a whole lot of talent still out there on whom to spend it. We tackle these issues and more in our milestone 20th episode of the Silver & Black Pridecast.