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Look: Raiders rookies take field to work out with veterans for first time

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Monday the Raiders continued offseason workouts. The veterans have been at the facility working out since mid-April. Those workouts continued last week. But this week the players on the field grew by quite a bit because they were joined by the Raiders rookie class.

In total the Raiders on the field grew by 22 rookies. That’s 9 drafted rookies and 13 undrafted. The Raiders posted some shots from today’s workouts on the official website. Here are some select shots of the rookies, many alongside their veteran teammates.

Unlike phase one, phase two allows coaches to be on the field with the players. This isn’t the first time the Raiders rookies have set foot on the field with or without coaches. They held rookie minicamp the weekend following the draft. It’s just the first time any of them have gotten to take the field with their veteran Raiders teammates with whom they will share a practice field in Alameda for at least the next couple months.

Phase will conclude at the end of this week and give way to phase three next week which is the start of OTA’s.