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If Raiders are interested in bringing back edge rusher Damontre Moore they have another chance

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The former AAF star was just cut by the 49ers.

AAF: Salt Lake Stallions at San Diego Fleet Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Desperate for any kind of pass rush last season, the Raiders signed Damontre Moore. He would play in two games late in the season, compiling just one tackle and no other stats. The next time we heard his name, it was as part of the Alliance of American Football.

The league would last just 8 weeks before folding up and filing for bankruptcy, but in seven game appearances, Moore would put up 7.0 sacks to lead the league in sacks per game.

Once the league folded in early April, he was a hot commodity and with the Raiders in need of pass rush still, it seemed like a logical choice for him to return to the Raiders for what would be a third stint in the past three years (he was in camp with the team in 2016 as well).

It didn’t happen that way, instead Moore signed on with the 49ers and the Raiders signed his San Diego Fleet pass rushing teammate, Alex Barrett instead.

Well, if they would like to bring Moore back and reunite him with Barrett, they may now do so, because he was just cut by the 49ers.

Moore didn’t even make it to OTA’s with the 49ers, which is rather strange, though perhaps not that strange when you look at his track record. He lasted just 20 days with the Raiders last season and back in their 2016 camp, he was waived following a fight he had with Jalen Richard in practice.

The former 3rd round pick bounced around to six different teams the past five years. He clearly has some talent, so maybe something else is going wrong for him.