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Raiders schedule 2019: Point spreads for the first 16 weeks

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NFL: Detroit Lions at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Most teams are stocked with the bulk of the talent they will have going into next season. So, even with the season still nearly four months away, the oddsmakers at CG technology (which operates a number of sportsbooks in Las Vegas) have put out their lines for the first 16 weeks of next season.

We have zeroed in on just the Raiders lines for you to see what the oddsmakers think the Silver & Black will do this season.

Week 1: Raiders favored by 2.5 over Broncos

Week 2: Chiefs favored by 6.5 over Raiders

Week 3: Vikings favored by 7 over Raiders

Week 4: Colts favored by 8 over Raiders

Week 5: Bears favored by 6 over Raiders (London)

Week 6: Bye

Week 7: Packers favored by 8.5 over Raiders

Week 8: Texans favored by 7 over Raiders

Week 9: Raiders favored by 3 over Lions

Week 10: Chargers favored by 4 over Raiders

Week 11: Raiders favored by 3.5 over Bengals

Week 12: Jets favored by 3 over Raiders

Week 13: Chiefs favored by 13 over Raiders

Week 14: Raiders a push vs Titans

Week 15: Raiders a push vs Jaguars

Week 16: Chargers favored by 9 over Raiders

Week 17: Raiders line TBD at Broncos

If you weren’t counting, I will just tell you the Raiders are favored just three times. They get started as 2.5-point favorites over the visiting Broncos on Monday Night Football. Then they go on a string of 6-straight games in which they’re the underdog.

The best you can say after that is the Raiders are underdogs just four of the final nine games. The other five they’re favored twice (Lions, Bengals), a push twice (Titans, Jaguars), and there’s no pick yet for the finale in Denver.

Obviously these lines will change a lot between now and the playing of the game. Once these teams start playing everyone will get a better idea of how good they are and the oddsmakers will adjust accordingly. But for now, these are the lines they’re starting with.