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Jon Gruden gets his wish as Antonio Brown shows up for day two of Raiders OTA’s

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Antonio Brown
Oakland Raiders

It seemed odd that Antonio Brown wasn’t on the field with his new teammates for the first day of Raiders OTA’s. Not necessarily a concern, just strange considering he was in attendance for offseason workouts prior to this and seemed eager to be.

Head coach Jon Gruden shrugged it off for the most part, adding “hopefully we’ll see him here in the next couple days.”

Well, he got his wish, as I am sure did his quarterback as Antonio Brown is in the house for day two of OTA practices.

The Raiders announced it merely by posting a picture of Brown on twitter with “Day Two work” below it.

Hard to speculate why he wasn’t there Tuesday to open OTA’s. That was the only day of media access this week, but it can’t be to duck any kind of press conference because he’s scheduled to speak next week. It wouldn’t really make sense that he would just not want to be there when the media was on hand because it’s much worse press for him NOT to be there. If he’s there, it’s a non-story. Or perhaps it’s nothing but positive stories.

Who knows. Doesn’t matter much now. He’s (back) in Alameda. Time to work.