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Watch: Drone footage of Raiders Las Vegas stadium under construction

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Almost daily we see shots of the stadium being built in Las Vegas where the Raiders will call home as early as the 2020. Not like this, though. This is a drone shot and it offers a point of view you don’t get with a still camera. From the drone you can see the shape of the stadium and exactly how far along they are.

As you can see, the lower level of the bowl is formed and the forming of the upper levels is underway. It is nearing the halfway point of its construction which officially broke ground in November of last year.

The $1.9 billion, 65K-seat stadium is still on schedule for completion next year, in time for the team to move in for the 2020 season. They are currently installing what will be 26 steel canopy trusses which will hold up the dome of the stadium. As any contractor will tell you, it’s all the finishing work that takes the most time. So, even though from the naked eye the stadium looks a lot more than half complete, it’s the little things you don’t really notice from a distance or high in a drone that take a good portion of the time.