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What lies ahead for the Violator and Black Hole in 2020 and beyond

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Fan bases all over the NFL map claim to be the league’s most passionate and supportive. There is the “12th Man” in Seattle, “Bills Mafia” in Buffalo, and in Pittsburgh there is the “Terrible Towel.” But Raider fans know that the home of the most notorious fan base is in the “Black Hole.”

One of the more iconic characters in the Black hole is none other than Wayne Mabry, whose kindred spirit is known as “The Violator.” Mabry has been a fixture in Raider nation for nearly 30 years.

“I’m just an honored member of the Black Hole,” Mabry said on my Just Pod Baby podcast. “All I can do now is be an ambassador and that’s what I’ve been doing for 28 years now, try and be an ambassador for the team and also the NFL. I look at myself as none other than a die hard solider.”

For fans like the Violator, who at 21 years old moved from his home state of Mississippi to California so he could attend Raider games in person, this upcoming season which is the final season the Raiders will play in Oakland is truly bittersweet.

During my conversation with Mabry, I asked him a question that was sure to strike a nerve but a question that many Raiders fans want to have answered. Will the Violator and the Black Hole make the move to Las Vegas? You can hear the full interview below.

“Wow, yea that is a sensitive subject but as it stands now I’m looking forward to the 2019 season. I’m excited for them finally getting a state of the art facility, they’ve deserved that for decades in my opinion. As far as me being in Vegas, I intend to be there whenever possible, I don’t have season tickets at this point but you know anything can happen between now and then so you never know.”

Mabry pointed out the fact he is a retired union carpenter on a fixed income as one of the reasons making the trips to Las Vegas could be a challenge. He stated that budget wise he is “priced out” for where he has been sitting the last 25 years.

In addition to being a die hard Raiders fan, it must be commended some of the charity work that he has donated his time and effort to including kids with cancer, working along side the Raider nation for life club as well as work in supporting our vets.

“It’s an endeavor that I didn’t see myself walking into, but you never know where you calling is if you’re afraid to take the next step...basically, I’m living the dream.”