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Raiders acquiring additional real estate near Las Vegas stadium for parking

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Raiders Las Vegas Stadium Site Under Construction Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Stadium Co. COO, Don Webb, announced at Thursday’s stadium authority board meeting that the Raiders are in the final stages of a comprehensive transportation plan that will add a significant amount of parking to the stadium, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“We’ve been actively acquiring real estate near the stadium, which we intend to develop and devote to parking,” Webb said. “One such current acquisition will more than double the parking that we currently control.”

There are only 2,725 parking spots at the stadium itself, but the Raiders have designated nearly 12,000 additional parking spots at other areas in the stadium vicinity. The newly purchased land would, according to Webb, more than double the parking, which should bring on-site parking spaces to nearly 6,000. The county requires at least 16,250 parking spaces dedicated to the stadium for this project, and the new additions will help the stadium exceed that requirement.

Some 40% of gameday attendees will be from outside of the Las Vegas area, and the Raiders have plenty of ideas on how to get people from place to place, including a pedestrian bridge and, in the future, an underground people mover brought to you by billionaire playboy philanthropist nerd Elon Musk. The Raiders are also developing partnerships with companies surrounding the stadium (read: casinos) to set up a parking cooperative, and are also looking to lease additional parking areas as well.

Parking has always been a major concern since the Las Vegas move was announced, because a lot of the land surrounding the stadium is either casinos or entirely undeveloped. Tailgating is a huge part of the Raider Nation experience and without any additional parking, fans may have had to tailgate in a casino parking lot and then walk a considerable distance to the stadium itself. With the new real estate acquisitions, Raider Nation may be able to enjoy tailgating experiences more like what they are accustomed to in Oakland, before they head inside the palatial $1.8 billion stadium.