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Trent Brown begins Raiders career at right tackle

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Oakland Raiders

The moment Trent Brown was signed by the Raiders to a record 4-year, $66 million contract, many assumed that means the former Patriots left tackle would be playing that same position for the Raiders. If that were the case, it would mean Kolton Miller moved to right tackle after one season at left tackle. But Gruden and Mayock were not revealing their plans for the two of them.

Jon Gruden revealed Friday in his press conference prior to the team’s rookie minicamp that Kolton Miller would remain at left tackle with Trent Brown moving to right tackle.

“We’re going to start with Kolton [Miller] at left tackle and Trent [Brown] will begin on the right side and Brandon Parker will be the swing tackle,” said Gruden. “We like that as a launching pad for us. Trent played very well at right tackle for San Francisco [49ers] very well for New England. Gives us some versatility and that’s how we’re going to start the show.”

It’s unusual in the NFL to see a right tackle get paid as much as Trent Brown will be paid — he will average $16.5 million per season — but it isn’t unheard of to put at least an equal level of importance on the right tackle position as the left tackle.

The best pass rusher on the opposing team will line up across from the lesser tackle, which is usually the right tackle. That doesn’t figure to be the case next season with Brown on the right side.