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Raiders rookie RB Josh Jacobs says he’s been approached by ‘big time producers’ wanting to make a movie about his life

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NFL Draft Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Some of you may know the story of Josh Jacobs’s journey to the NFL. His life experiences are pretty inspiring and according to him some Hollywood producers have approached him about making that story into a film.

Many of the best sports films ever made were born from true stories. Football films that come to mind include Rudy, The Blind Side, Brian’s Song, Invincible, and Remember the Titans.

Jacobs’s story is certainly one worth telling. He and his father were homeless for a time and then living out of various hotel rooms with his four siblings.

He went on to star in high school, but got no national interest until he began promoting his tape on social media where he caught the eye of Oklahoma, Missouri, and Alabama.

Ultimately, he chose Alabama, but spent the past three years as the backup running behind Damien Harris. But like his high school years, what he was able to put on tape eventually made him the top running back taken in the draft at 24 overall to the Raiders.

Those are the kinds of stories of struggle to success that great movies are made of. So, hopefully we will see the Josh Jacobs story in theaters at some point in the near future.

Jacobs added that his story is only half written at this point — suggesting greater success ahead in the NFL — and that if the film is to be made, it would not be this year.