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Raiders get one player on PFF’s ‘All-Clutch’ (second) Team

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Oakland Raiders v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

How does one grade “Clutch”? Especially when you’re dealing with a team like the Raiders who didn’t have much in the way of clutch moments in their forgettable 4-12 2018 campaign. Pro Football Focus thinks they have it figured out.

The sample size for this list — plays in the fourth quarter of games within seven points — might seem specific, but it’s meant to capture only those high-pressure situations in which the makeup of a player is put to the test. Among all players with 100-plus snaps in those situations last season, these guys came out on top.

Surprisingly, there was a Raiders player who made the team — Center Rodney Hudson.

He wasn’t first team — that distinction went to Jason Kelce, but the man who we named Raiders 2018 MVP was second team deservedly so.

Despite the Raiders allowing 52 sacks last season, none of those were charged to Hudson. He was indeed the team’s MVP as the glue of the Raiders otherwise shoddy offensive line.