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Raiders hire away Eagles Director of Pro Scouting Dwayne Joseph

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Philadelphia Eagles v Oakland Raiders Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Another addition to the Raiders front office is on his way. Mike Mayock has lured Philadelphia Eagles Director of Pro Scouting Dwayne Joseph to Oakland as part of his overhaul of the scouting department.

As Stratton notes, Joseph is expected to hold the title of Pro Director, replacing Dane Vandernat who was let go in late January.

Mayock has connections inside the Eagles organization from his days as a preseason color analyst for the team.

This is the second reported addition to the Raiders football operations in the past few days. They have also hired a new Director of College Scouting Jim Abrams.

These are both top positions in the front office. It’s important to get those positions filled first so they may have input on filling out the scouting department.

The Raiders’ scouting department began its major overhaul a week prior to the draft, sending most of them home with the intention on many of them not returning. This is not unusual as Mayock was hired at the end of last season and was still working with former GM Reggie McKenzie’s scouting departement.