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Look: Comparing PFF grades of Devin White to Raiders LB Te’Von Coney will make you wonder how one went top five and the other was undrafted

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Florida State v Notre Dame Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

I think I knew Pro Football Focus liked Te-Von Coney, but what I missed in the draft process was just how highly they regarded him. That was until I stumbled upon this graphic on twitter that put Coney side-by-side with Devin White.

Looking at the numbers for White and the numbers for Coney you would never in a million years have guess that one was the top linebacker in this class and the other went undrafted. Hell, remove the names and you’d probably have guessed the numbers were flipped.

Coney has better grades from PFF across the board. That isn’t to say Coney is a better prospect, or even a comparable one, but at very least, it leads you to wonder how in the world he slipped out of the draft altogether where he was signed by the linebacker deficient Raiders.

PFF had him listed on their big board top 250 at number 57 and his coverage and run stop grades were both in the top 10 in this draft among linebackers.

Coney also had 125 tackles (90 solo) for the Fighting Irish last season and 105 (84 solo) the year before. Those numbers were also better than White both seasons.

They’re even listed as nearly the same height and weight — White is 6-0, 237, Coney is 6-1, 234.

The one area that appears to be the culprit in Coney’s tumble were his workout results.

While White had a blistering fast combine-best 4.42 40, Coney didn’t run at the combine and ran a sloth-like 4.72 at his pro day. His 7.33 3-cone, 32.5 vertical jump, 9’8” broad jump, 4.45 20-yard shuttle, and 18 bench press reps would all have been among the worst at the combine.

We’ll see if he can overcome his athletic limitations. Plenty have done it in the past, though in a passing league, there is an increasing emphasis on linebacker to be fast in order to perform in coverage.

Regardless, Coney is worth a shot with his college production.