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Watch: Kelechi Osemele opens up about Raiders infamous Washington game, Amari Cooper trade ‘like a dagger’, more

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

For three seasons Kelechi Osemele was the man at left guard for the Raiders. Two of those seasons, he went to the Pro Bowl and one of them he was named an All Pro. Then he got injured last season and Tom Cable and Jon Gruden didn’t think he was worth his contract and traded him to the Jets for a low round pick.

Being that he’s no longer in Oakland, he is able to speak openly about some of the crazy things that occurred in his time with the Raiders. One of the craziest incidents, and one that Raiders fans continue to speculate about, some even pretending they know exactly what happened. KO knows what happened and he discussed it with Adam Lefkoe on his radio show.

It’s a long show, but here are the highlights.

31-minute mark he talks about the how everyone feeds off the line pancaking people.

50-minute mark he talks about the moment the Raiders traded him. Gabe Jackson thought he might be next.

52-minute mark he says the moment Tom Cable came onboard he was disrespecting the Pro Bowl offensive line in Oakland including asking Osemele about moving to tackle.

“The whole Gruden [staff] came in and we were were vibing, bro. we had a team, we had a unit, a similar locker room to Baltimore and they were like ‘We’re rebuilding right away.’ Right away! I remember Cable sat me down and was like “Yeah, we’re going to take this guard if Indiana doesn’t take him, Quentin Nelson, how do you feel about moving to tackle? As soon as I meet him, one of the first conversations I had with the dude, and . . . I’m like all right, all right, I see where this is going, he siad ‘If we can’t get him we’re going to get Kolton Miller. I just want to be upfront and honest with you’ which I respect him for that, but it was kind of like ‘Yo, our O-line is cold, though. Like what?’ Just the disrespect in general.

“Especially because we were like the hardest working group. So, there’s nothing we can do to convince you? It’s deflating.”

Osemele said the egos of the coaches were considerable and that Gruden would tell the players things that would turn out to simply not be true, including that Osemele was going to be part of the team for the next five years only to trade him after one season.

57-minute mark he talks about the trade of Amari Cooper

“Amari [trade] was like “Yo, they literally do not care.’”

“That for sure was like the dagger. You could feel it. People in the locker room were like ‘Yo, I guess they’re like really rebuilding.’ You just knew at that point.”

101-minute mark he talks about how guys were asking for trades.

“Dudes were asking for trades, some guys. I’m just not that type of person, when I sign onto do something, I finish that. Bruce [Irvin] for sure was a guy that was just like deuces.”

103-minute mark he talks about the debacle in the Washington game on Sunday Night Football in 2017 as part of the league-wide protests in response to Donald Trump calling NFL players “sons-of-bitches” who should be kicked out of the game and “fired” if they knelt during the National Anthem.

Some really stupid rumors swirled that there was a rift between Derek Carr and the offensive line and that they let him get sacked (even though it was the following week against Denver that Carr was sacked and hurt, not in Washington).

“It’s 100% false. If you really want to know what happened, obviously we had heard what Trump said and clearly there’s a lot of guys that it was like right here (puts hand on his chest) that felt a certain type of way. So, we’re like ‘Man, we got to do some type of display.’ It wasn’t even that big of a deal. It was literally like ‘Hey, we’re going to sit or whatever, we’re not even going to make a huge deal out of it.’ Then coaches and a bunch of people were like basically ‘Don’t do that. Just stay in the locker room.’ And it wasn’t even to the point where people were distracted. It was like ‘Hey, we’re just going to do this one thing’ and it was just like a a weird thing where there were certain players that were like ‘No, we shouldn’t do that’ and it’s just like ‘Man, that’s like three of y’all saying that’ and a lot of us feel a certain type of way, so it was kind of messed up that three people would basically make us feel like we’re in the wrong. For one day too. It was like the night before though. It was the day before. By the time game day came around, most of us were like ‘Hey, this is how we feel. This is what we’re going to do. Y’all do what you have to, but this is how we feel about this right now.’”

On the rumors about Derek Carr

“That’s super false. Derek is hella cool. We all mess with him. He’s funny, he’s not one of those quarterbacks that’s super serious all the time and you can’t relate to him.”

“You should like him. Players like him. I have not met a player that doesn’t like Derek. That’s 100% false that people don’t like Derek as far as players are concerned. People that actually know him, you have to like him, he’s too good of a guy not to like.”

On how the rumor started

“I don’t know, man, that’s like one of those media things. Like a little troll out there said some crazy stuff. A little like wannabe media person was like “Oh, this is why that happened’ and then you have MAGA country like go crazy. They latched onto that.”

In case you were wondering where that ridiculous rumor started and who the “wannabe media person” was, it was noted crackpot nutjob Miko Grimes who heard it from an internet troll, took the troll as a source, and then certain members of the media acted like she is actually someone anyone should listen to and spread the rumor without any proof of its validity.

107-minute mark he talks about how Raiders strength and conditioning coach Tom Shaw had them doing some crazy stuff that contributed to how many injuries they had. He credits Raiders former strength coach Joe Gomes for how the team was able to win 12 games in 2016. But Shaw and some guys working for him were not qualified to be training them.

“I don’t what the hell we were doing in Oakland last year. That was so stupid.”