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Raiders center Rodney Hudson already a master on the football field now has Masters Degree

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Rodney Hudson with his family at his graduation ceroney.
Rodney Hudson Instagram

Every step of his career, Rodney Hudson has been a master. He was the most decorated offensive lineman in ACC history while at Florida State. He played four seasons for the Seminoles and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree before entering the NFL.

Once in the NFL as a second round pick by the Chiefs, he quickly showed he was one of the best centers in the league and after signing a lucrative free agent deal with the Raiders in 2015 to become the highest paid center in the league, he went on to two straight Pro Bowls in 2016-17.

Hudson had nothing left to prove. To anyone. Expect maybe to himself. Now nine years removed from his full time college days, Hudson today celebrated earning his Masters Degree from Nova Southeastern University.

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It’s not easy to complete a graduate to degree especially with the rigors of the NFL pulling you away almost year round. Some players wait until they have retired to attempt it. Most don’t bother. Hudson got his while he was still in his 20s and with several years of peak NFL football left in him.

Hudson has already reached the pinnacle of his profession. But there’s a sense of accomplishment in completing a degree. If you know Hudson at all, you know this is right in line with his character and his values. Congratulations to one of the best in the business on and off the field.