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Former Raiders pass rusher Aldon Smith arrested again for 3rd DUI

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NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Some more sad news in the tragic saga of the life of Aldon Smith, this time coming out of Kansas of all places. Smith has been arrested for another DUI according to TMZ. This is now the 3rd DUI arrest for the troubled former superstar pass rusher and ex-Raider.

According to the report Aldon Smith was pulled over for speeding and changing lanes in an intersection. Officers suspected alcohol impairment so they put him through a field sobriety test which Smith failed. They also attempted to give him a breathalyzer test which Smith refused before he ultimately was arrested.

The fall from grace for Aldon Smith continues to be simply staggering with the latest arrest occurring just months after Smith had again attempted to enter rehab for his personal demons. He has already lost his career to his issues, and the latest arrest could cost him his freedom.

A 1st offense DUI in Kansas has a max sentence of 6 months in jail. If they use his previous DUI’s against him it could be even longer with the sentence for a 3rd DUI in Kansas being 90 days to one year for the sentencing guidelines. These sentences are always up to the courts to decide but Smith’s past arrests are unlikely to do him any favors in the Kansas judicial system.

Smith was only a member of an Oakland Raider for 1 season where he played in 9 games for the team, but he had been a wrecking machine sack artist for San Francisco before that. He managed to play in just 59 games in his 5 year NFL career but accumulated an amazing 47.5 sacks in that time frame.

If not for his personal demons Smith could have been one of the games best pass rushers, instead he is sadly a cautionary tale for new players entering the league such as Raiders 1st round selection Clelin Ferrell. The new Raiders DE wears Aldon Smith’s #99 and recently spoke with NBC Sports #PFTPM podcast about why he chose that number.

“I wore the number because of him and because I feel like I could be the kind of player he should have been,” Clelin Ferrell said on the podcast. “Aldon Smith was such a great player. I loved his game. But I learned so much from him as far as the different mistakes that he made. It’s sad to say that. I wish I could have learned from his success. A lot of the mistakes he made off the field is something that I definitely learned from and looked to to see like if I’m ever in that situation this is how I should handle it as to how he might have . . . When you get into the NFL it’s much more than just football.”

Here is another chapter in the story of Aldon Smith to go into those lessons that new NFL players can learn from, but hopefully Aldon Smith himself will finally learn enough from this to get control of his own demons. I know I will be rooting for him to beat his addictions, and also rooting to not have to write another one of these articles about him in the future as well.