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2019 NBA Draft open thread

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NBA: NBA Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings, sports fans, and welcome to the NBA Draft! Tonight we will see lots of tall young men who have worked their rear ends off walk up on that stage and shake hands with NBA Commissioner Smeagol. They will then put on a hat with a team’s logo, and then later put on a different hat after they are traded. An intrepid reporter will then ask them their thoughts on being traded away from a city they’ve never been to.

The first pick tonight will be Zion Williamson to the New Orleans Pelicans and then Ja Morant will head to Memphis, followed by RJ Barrett to the Knicks. The fun begins at Pick 4, and the Hawks have already traded up to that spot, acquiring the pick the Pelicans got from the Lakers in the Anthony Davis trade. Who will go after the top three? Does it even matter? What hilarious Euro-stash player names will we see in the second round?

Find out tonight at 4 PM Pacific on ESPN.