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Watch: Raiders wrap up second annual family boot camp, rookie bonding trip

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This past weekend the Raiders player engagement department hosted the second family boot camp which gives parents of rookies an opportunity to see what life will be like for their child in the upcoming year.

In addition to getting a tour of the facilities, families learned about the history and tradition of the franchise and offer a glimpse of the plan for the future.

The transition from student-athlete to professional athlete can be a very difficult one. Football is now a job and no longer a hobby. There are many responsibilities as a professional athlete, both on and off the field. The goal of the family boot camp is to educate the families on how to support their sons through what can be a very challenging year.

While the families were at boot camp, the players also took part in some training themselves. Last week, rookies took part in the “Rookie Academy.”

The academy is designed to prepare rookies for life in the NFL and to educate them in money management, social media, and brand management. With some team bonding thrown in as well. Which involved a trip to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for a day.

Looks like undrafted rookie Ronald Ollie really enjoyed himself.