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Former Raiders WR Amari Cooper sets 2019 goal with Cowboys of 2000 yards LOL

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SiriusXM At Super Bowl LIII Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

In his time with the Raiders, Amari Cooper was a man of few words. He was quiet and shy and would often respond to questions with one or two word answers. Now and then, however, he would say something that suggested he had more confidence than he let on. And more confidence than his play often showed.

Since being traded to the Cowboys midway through last season, he has come out of his shell a bit more. Today he apparently told Pro Football Talk that he is setting a goal of 2000 yards for next season.

It would seem his on-field goals are as lofty as his contract demands.

Aside from the fact that no receiver has ever had 2000 receiving yards in a season, Cooper himself has never come anywhere close to that in any single season in his career. His career best is 1153 yards which he put up in his second season in 2016. Though, to be fair, he averaged 80.6 yards per game in nine games with the Cowboys last season which would add up to a new career best of 1290 yards over a full 16 games.

Even at that clip, playing easily the best football of his career, he was still over 700 yards away from his new goal. I guess in terms of setting unachievable goals helping him to always reach for more it makes sense. But it would mean a lot more coming from, say, Antonio Brown, whose career best is 1834 yards and who has averaged over 1500 yards the past six seasons.