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Silver Mining 6/25: 5 important Raiders veterans under the age of 25

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Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Raiders News

Five Important Raiders Veterans Under The Age Of 25
We are looking at five ky Oakland Raiders veterans who will be under the age of 25 when Oakland starts the 2019 season.

Raiders' defensive front seven still full of numerous question marks | NBCS Bay Area
The Raiders invested heavily on offense this offseason, but it's clear their defense still is well behind.

Hard Knocks: Future of NFL's HBO series up for debate |
The future of HBO's "Hard Knocks" was discussed at the most recent owners meeting in May, and the franchise could change direction.

3 adjustments the Raiders should make on offense in 2019
Looking at 3 adjustments Jon Gruden must make for the Raiders offense to be successful in 2019

Did Amari Cooper Throw Shade at Gruden & the Raiders? |
Amari Cooper seems to be happy in Dallas, but does he miss his old team at all?

AFC West

Denver Broncos: Will team regret giving Ja’Wuan James a big contract?
The Denver Broncos gave oft-injured offensive lineman Ja'Wuan James $32 million guaranteed as a free agent.

Which Broncos’ defender has the most riding on his 2019 season? - Mile High Report
Ryan Edwards, Andrew Mason and Steve Atwater posed this question in a poll to discuss on the air. It’s harder than you might think to pick one.

Despite 2018 success, Chargers still near bottom among fanbases in NFL
Despite their 2018 success, the Los Angeles Chargers are still near the bottom among fanbases in NFL.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys best fan base in NFL per study, Chiefs near worst
Fans in Kansas City weren't happy about the results of this study into the best and worst fanbases in the NFL.

BR swings, misses on Los Angeles Chargers’ biggest offseason regret
Bleacher Report's Kristopher Knox misses on the Los Angeles Chargers' biggest offseason regret.

Tyreek Hill: NFL closer to a decision on suspension |
With reports that the Chiefs receiver will soon meet with league investigators, the NFL moves closer to taking action on Tyreek Hill.

NFL News

The NFL's 20 biggest outlier contracts, and why a fullback reigns again
These are the deals -- adjusted for position -- that most exceed market value. And a 49er is back on top for the third straight year.

NFL fan rankings: Cowboys, Patriots are best, according to study
A professor at Emory ranked the Cowboys and Patriots as the top two fan bases in the NFL, based on a study using economic and marketing theory.

NFL 2019: Here are a dozen storylines to keep an eye on, both on and off the field -
From the Patriots' next chapter to the new PI rule, let's break down 12 things to watch

Ranking the top five NFL players you would pick to start a franchise and thrive over the next 10 years -
Patrick Mahomes is the clear cut No. 1 overall pick