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HBO seems to be taking their sweet ass time announcing the team for Hard Knocks, but they’ve waited longer

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NFL: Los Angeles Rams-Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The sound of drumming fingers is getting louder and louder as HBO continues to drag their heels with regard to which NFL team they will select for this year’s Hard Knocks. Five teams can’t say no — Raiders, Giants, Lions, 49ers, and Washington. And the only reports out so far are that the 49ers won’t be selected. That doesn’t narrow the field much.

Obviously the Raiders are the most intriguing choice. With long time TV personalities Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock in charge, newly signed Antonio Brown, Vontaze Burfict, and Richie Incognito, four new prospects from the top 40 of the draft, and embarking on Oakland’s farewell season, there should be no question from the producers’ standpoint where the audience want an inside look.

Whether that’s what they’re going to do or not, they’re having a pretty good time keeping us in suspense.

With the time dragging on, most wonder when announcements are typically made. Last year the Browns were announced as the team on May 17. The earliest announcement ever was made in 2010 on March 25 when the Jets were the team.

Most announcements have happened in May which ended last Friday. But the wait for this year’s announcement isn’t entirely unique. A few times they have dragged it out longer.

At least three times in the 13-year history of the show, HBO didn’t make the announcement until June. The Chiefs in 2007 were announced on June 9. The Falcons in 2014 weren’t announced until June 12. And the latest announcement was the Bengals in 2013 on June 15.

Here are the announcement date by year

2018 Browns - May 17

2017 Buccaneers - April 19

2016 LA Rams - May 23

2015 Texans - May 27

2014 Falcons - June 12

2013 Bengals - June 15

2012 Dolphins - May 29

2010 Jets - March 25

2009 Bengals - May 14

2008 Cowboys - ??

2007 Chiefs - June 9

2002 Cowboys - May 2

2001 Ravens - ??

Yeah, I’m tired of waiting and wondering too. And if history is any indication, we could be waiting a bit longer. Maybe they’re going for a new record?