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Sports Illustrated ranks top 300 NFL fantasy players with five Raiders deemed draftable

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NFL: Oakland Raiders-OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With a month until the start of NFL training camps, fantasy football drafts are starting up. Sports Illustrated put out their list of the top 300 fantasy players. For Raiders fans looking to add players from your team, you may be wise to wait a while for most of them.

The only player on the Raiders roster who is considered worthy of a pick in the top two rounds is Antonio Brown. Sports Illustrated lists him at 19. The next player is first round rookie back Josh Jacobs at 55, which would make him at best a second running back, and perhaps a backup on your fantasy roster if you go after both starting running backs early.

Some might think Derek Carr would be the next one on the board, but he’s not. It’s Jalen Richard who tied for the team lead in receptions last year. He lands at 104. You don’t see Carr until 135 which, in a 12-team league, would have him drafted in the 11th round. That’s either for a team that made their starting QB an afterthought or were already looking for their backup.

Tyrell Williams doesn’t show up until pick 279, which is fringe draftable. So, this is what they got for ranked Raiders:

19. Antonio Brown

55. Josh Jacobs

104. Jalen Richard

135. Derek Carr

279. Tyrell Williams

Most notable Raiders players not listed among the ranks would be kicker Daniel Carlson, running back Doug Martin, and tight end Darren Waller. Carlson might be worth a pick, but he’s a kicker, so no big deal if you go with someone else. Martin is expected to share carries with Jacobs, so he could be a deep bench option. Waller has a lot to prove to show he’s worthy of being drafted, but he is expected to start, so must be considered late if there are no better starting options.

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