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Raiders players who will be looking for revenge versus their former teams this season

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

It’s revenge week here at SB Nation. In that spirit, we take a look at every player on the Raiders roster who will get a shot at their former team this season.

Brandon Marshall - Broncos (week 1, 17)

Marshall has been talking quite a bit lately about how excited he is at the possibility of facing his former team. He said he dreams about facing his old team every day. Adding “I can’t wait. I think it’s going to be a helluva game. I see us winning. I went back to Denver not too long ago and I told some of those guys that we were going to beat them.”

He will get his chance right away in the season opener. And if all goes well, he will get a chance at the end of the season too. That time, he will be playing for one last chance to prove to the Raiders that he deserves to be re-signed so he can fulfill his dream of playing in his hometown of Las Vegas.

Rodney Hudson - Chiefs (week 2, 13)

This one is no longer fresh. Hudson has been with the Raiders four seasons now an faced the team that drafted him seven times. Though he’s only experienced victory over his old team once — the thrilling 31-30 win in Oakland in 2017.

Daniel Carlson - Vikings (week 3)

This time last year, Carlson was in a Vikings uniform as the team’s 5th round pick. That’s a high pick for a kicker, so they had high hopes for him. Then in week three against the rival Packers, Carlson missed three field goals and the game ended in a tie. Carlson was immediately cut. A few weeks later, he was signed by the Raiders where he would miss just one field goal the rest of the season (94%). If he hasn’t already proven the Vikings wrong for cutting him so quickly, he will get a shot to show them firsthand.

Denzelle Good, Johnathan Hankins, Ryan Grant, Eric Swoope - Colts (week 4)

Good probably has the biggest chip on his shoulder for his former team in this group. He says his issue was mainly with the coach who tried to ruin his career merely because he missed a practice after his brother died. But you can bet he would like them all to know they had a good player and let him get run out of Indianapolis. Grant spent last season with the Colts, Hankins’s last season prior to signing with the Raiders last season was the Colts and Swoope spent all four of his NFL seasons in Indy.

David Sharpe - Texans (week 8)

I’m sure Derek Carr kinda feels like the Texans were his former team. He lived and died through every one of the 249 sacks his brother took in his five seasons in Houston. But it was David Sharpe who spent part of last season there. Sharpe was originally drafted by the Raiders in the fourth round in 2017, but didn’t make the team last season. He would appear in just two games for the Texans before they too gave up on him and the Raiders brought him back because they had injuries and Sharpe knew the system. If he can first prove to the Raiders that he deserves a roster spot, then maybe he can show the Texans the same.

Tahir Whitehead, Gabe Wright - Lions (week 9)

Whitehead spent six years in Detroit. He got to face off against his old mates in training camp last year when they scrimmaged in Napa prior to their preseason game in Oakland. But now he will get a shot at them for real real. Wright was a fourth round pick by the Lions in 2015, but spent just one season in Detroit. He’s bounced around quite a bit since then and will have a tough time making the Raiders roster.

Tyrell Williams - Chargers (week 10, 16)

The former undrafted receiver out of Western Oregon exploded in his second season with the Charger, catching 69 passes for 1059 yards and 7 touchdowns. He’s had decent number two wide receiver numbers the past two seasons, including catching another 9 touchdowns. Then the Chargers let him walk as a free agent. He will have two shots at his former team this season.

Vontaze Burfict - Bengals (week 11)

Burfict isn’t the type of player who needs revenge in order to fuel him. But he’ll use it just the same. Last year was his seventh season with the Bengals, but his first without Paul Guenther either as his defensive coordinator or linebackers coach. So, the first chance he got to re-unite with Guenther, he took it. The two of them will now face their former team together.

Curtis Riley - Titans (week 14)

The Fresno State alum spent his first two season in the NFL in Tennessee. He finally got his shot to be a starter last season in New York. In Oakland, he is most likely battling for a backup spot, but injuries happen, so should Riley make the squad, by the time the Raiders face the Titans, it’s possible Riley could get a shot at his former team.