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Top five 2019 Raiders games in which Derek Carr should have revenge on his mind: Indianapolis Colts

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NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Oakland Raiders Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The idea of revenge is not one we typically associate with Derek Carr. He says he loves everyone and no game means more than any other game, but some extra motivation is never a bad thing. So, we present the first of five games this season in which revenge could be on Derek Carr’s mind and that might be a good thing.

Indianapolis Colts week four

The Raiders have had just one winning season with Derek Carr at quarterback. It was the 2016 season in which they finished 12-4 and made the playoffs for the first time in 14 years. But it couldn’t be a grand return to greatness. That would be too easy. It had to end in the worst way possible. And it started against the Colts in week 16.

With the Raiders at 11-3, cruising for win number 12 and the AFC West title in their sights, disaster struck. Derek Carr scrambled in the pocket and was sacked by Colts defensive end Trent Cole. Carr’s foot planted into the ground and twisted around with the sack, breaking his fibula. He sat on the field, repeating over and over “It’s broke! It’s broke!” before being helped off the field and replaced by Matt McGloin.

The Raiders would still win that game, but the following week without Carr, they would lose to the Broncos in the season finale with McGloin and rookie Connor Cook making his first appearance in an NFL game. That would cause them to lose division, drop to the wild card, and then with Cook getting his first career start, they would lose the wildcard playoff game to the Texans.

Cole felt terrible about the injury and it wasn’t his fault, really. He just sacked Carr like he was supposed to. Now Carr must beat the team against whom he had his worst moment as a pro.

We know Carr can face down the demons of that fateful day. He faced the Colts last season and threw three touchdowns with no interceptions and no sacks in possibly his best game of the season. But the Raiders still lost 42-28, so the demons still need some exorcizing.

Next revenge game: Week five vs Bears in London