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Top five 2019 Raiders games in which Derek Carr should have revenge on his mind: At Kansas City

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Oakland Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

The season is getting late and, as the league loves to do, they send the Raiders to Kansas City in the final few weeks. Derek Carr has already sought revenge in three previous contests — Week four in Indianapolis, week five in London, and week 8 in Houston. But no venue carries the ghosts for Derek Carr like this one.

Week 13 at Kansas City

There’s no place on earth where Derek Carr has struggled more than he has in Kansas City. He has never won there in five tries and has had some of the worst individual games of his career there as well.

This started immediately for Carr. Ironically, it was against the Chiefs in Oakland that Carr got his first career win. The Raiders were 0-10 at the time and despite Carr not having a great game, the Raiders pulled out a 24-20 win over the Chiefs riding running back Latavius Murray.

When the Raiders headed to KC three weeks later, the Chiefs were ready. They handed the Raiders a 31-13 loss while sacking Carr four times.

His next trip to KC was in the 2017 season finale. There the Chiefs turned up the heat even more, sacking him six times and intercepting him once in a 33-21 Chiefs victory.

No loss was more devastating than the one in 2016, however. The Raiders again headed to Arrowhead late in the season. This time, the two teams were neck-and-neck for the division title and Derek Carr was in the MVP discussion. His performance in that game brought all of that down.

A win would all but lock up the AFC West title and keep Carr very much in the MVP race. But he went out and had the worst game of his career, completing just 17 of 41 passes for 117 yards and no touchdowns. The Raiders lost 13-21. Two weeks later Carr was injured, the Raiders lost to the Broncos in the season finale, and the Chiefs won the division on the tiebreaker.

The last two trips to Kansas City for Carr he has averaged under 200 yards passing with a combined 1 TD to 4 interceptions while being sacked six times.

His career passer rating in Kansas City is 62.8. Only four times in his career did he have a passer rating below that in any single game outside of Kansas City and three of those four were as a rookie. Which means three of his four worst career games the past four seasons came at Arrowhead Stadium.

That’s a serious monkey on his back. It’s a couple 400-pound gorillas at this point.

The revenge he will be getting will be against those gorillas. This isn’t even about the Chiefs specifically. It’s about Carr and his past performances in a hostile environment like Arrowhead.

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