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Raiders unveil 60th anniversary logo

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Raiders 60th anniversary logo

This year the Raiders will celebrate 60 years in the NFL. To commemorate this anniversary, they have unveiled a logo which will be used throughout this season. It will be a patch worn on all home and away jerseys this season which, coincidentally, also figures to be their last in Oakland which is where the franchise was birthed in 1960.

Ten years ago the Raiders celebrated their 50th anniversary in the National Football League. Al Davis was alive to celebrate it. Since then he has passed and in his honor, the Raiders light the memorial torch for ‘The fire that burns brightest’ at each home game. Fittingly that torch is the centerpiece of the logo.

The torch is surrounded by the number 60 in numerals replicating those used on the club’s game jerseys in 1960. “American Football League” is written around the perimeter of the logo in the Raiders’ traditional team font, recognizing that both the Raiders and the American Football League launched together in 1960.

This is the primary logo. But it will change slightly during the season. For each Raiders home game, the team will tailor the logo to celebrate a particular achievement, including victories in Super Bowl XI, Super Bowl XV, and Super Bowl XVIII; the 1967 AFL Championship; the club’s history in Oakland and Los Angeles; and the Raider Nation.