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Raiders veterans report to Napa for training camp today

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It’s been a chaotic month for me. I won’t go into all the details, but it included shattering my knee cap into six pieces. That was a fun little puzzle for the surgeon to put back together. Regardless, ready or not, Raiders training camp is here and though I’ll be a bit limited, I refuse to start camp on PUP. I will arrive at the Napa Valley Marriott today with the rest of the team.

The rookies, quarterbacks, and select first year players have been here since Tuesday. It’s the rest of the team that arrives today. Where they will stay for the next three weeks.

They will get their roomies, weight in and physical, and have a team meeting today among other things. Then tomorrow they hit the field for their first of 14 or 15 camp practices with camp breaking on August 19.

Since the moment the first players arrived in Napa, the Hard Knocks crew was there to document it. Their cameras will be a constant presence here over the next few weeks. The first episode will air on August 6, so get your popcorn ready.

For now, it’s time to hobble into today’s press conference with Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden at 11am.