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Updated: Antonio Brown lands on Non-Football Injury list to begin Raiders training camp, expected to miss week

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NFL: Oakland Raiders-OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Today, Antonio Brown made some waves by taking a hot air balloon ride the morning he was to report for Raiders training camp. Everything seemed just fine with the ride. The Raiders even took video and posted it on their twitter account. During the press conference, Mike Mayock mentioned just two injured players — Denzelle Good (PUP, back), and Kieth Smith (NFI knee). And that was it.

It turns out there is a third. Antonio Brown. He will begin camp on the Non-football injury list.

Mayock failing to mention Brown either means he didn’t know at that time, or was withholding that information. My guess is the former because there were still players actively showing up and taking physicals, so not all injuries were yet known.

Rather ironic, really, what Gruden said of Brown’s hot air balloon adventure.

“Is he ok, that’s all I want to know,’ said Gruden.

Well, he is not ok. It’s unknown if whatever is ailing Brown has anything to do with the hot air balloon ride, but you can bet they will be tied to each other regardless.

Update: The Raiders supposedly knew about the injury for the past two weeks, which means Mayock was not being forthcoming about the information. He is expected to miss the first week of camp according to Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area News Group.