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Former Raiders tackle Donald Penn is getting another shot at being a starting left tackle in Washington

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Donald Penn said he had “a lot of football LEFT”

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

“I still have a few years LefT in me.”

That’s what Donald Penn said back in March shortly after the Raiders released him. Five months later he hadn’t given up on his plans to continue his NFL career. And now he is signing signing on in Washington according to Ian Rapoport.

Penn basically confirmed it this afternoon.

I guess if Jon Gruden doesn’t want him as his left tackle, his brother Jay will.

Jay has an issue on his hands at left tackle. His seven-time Pro Bowl left tackle is holding out of camp. Ironically, Penn did the same thing two seasons ago in order to add a year on to his contract at the age of 34. Then Penn went on to his third Pro Bowl season. Now 36, he’s hoping to give Washington a viable option at the position should Williams not return anytime soon.

Penn begrudgingly moved to right tackle last season for the Raiders after and 11-year NFL career at let tackle. The result was injuring himself in week four. His message after his release from the Raiders emphasized he had “years LefT” and “a lot of football LEFT.” A not subtle message as to what position he should be playing. He just waited for the team that would give him the chance to start there.