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What is Antonio Brown’s ‘Big Chicken Plan’?

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As you’ve all heard by now, Antonio Brown was in uniform today at training camp and, as expected, he torched the majority of Oakland’s defensive backs. We shouldn’t really take this as an indictment of the Raider secondary, but rather as a testament to AB’s greatness, because he always does that. But after Brown was done with practice today, he made an allusion to something never heard before: a so-called “Big Chicken Plan”.

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At the 28 second mark, Brown talks about going up against Lamarcus Joyner, who was the only defensive back who made a play against Brown today. Thursday, says Brown, he will take Joyner deep again. But then, Brown says something curious:

“Big chicken plan. Over the top, over your head. We about to start a farm, stay tuned.”

Okay, what? Brown is known for saying some outlandish things that don’t make sense, but this one is a special sort of weird. It warrants further investigation.

When I think ‘Big Chicken’, one thing comes to mind first.

The big chicken here is highly aggressive. Brown must want an entire team of hyper aggressive Raiders who hit first and ask questions later. Of course, there is another bunch of famous aggressive chickens you may be familiar with.

Can that chicken play linebacker?

However, we notice that in the rest of the video, Brown is running around and can’t be caught. Where do we see a chicken that cannot be caught?

As fun as it is to speculate, Occam’s Razor wins again here. The answer to Brown’s Big Chicken Plan is the simplest one available. ‘Chicken’ is Oakland rap music slang for money. Brown plans to make a lot of money for himself and his teammates in Oakland through the deep passing game and blowing out opponents, just like he did in Pittsburgh.

Also, my fantasy football team name this year will be AB’s Big Chicken Plan, so none of you yahoos steal that.