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Allegiant Airlines nearing naming rights deal for Las Vegas Raiders stadium

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The Raiders will finish out their time in Oakland playing at the Coliseum which this season will be known as Ring Central Coliseum, and they certainly hope to win a ring in their final season by the Bay. But in 2020 they’re scheduled to move to their new digs in Las Vegas, and it appears as though the naming rights to that stadium are about to be doled out.

‘Allegiant’ is a funny name for a stadium which features the Raiders, who are allegiant to nowhere in particular, and will have resided in three different cities by the time they move into this stadium. However, I can see why they’d be interested in plastering their name on the stadium, as they provide the sort of cheap flights that California fans might want to take to get to football games in Sin City.

Unfortunately for Allegiant, Raider fans have already given nicknames to the stadium, calling it “The Thunderdome” or the “Death Star”. No amount of corporate branding will change how dark, looming and Raider-ish the new stadium looks and will continue to look when it’s completed, but the Raiders will take Allegiant’s money anyway. If they’re lucky, Raider fans will give the stadium a new nickname: The Al.