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Hunter Renfrow mic’d up at Raiders training camp

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NFL: Oakland Raiders-OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders will be on Hard Knocks soon and you’ll get to see and hear plenty from training camp, but this week the Raiders put a mic on rookie WR Hunter Renfrow as he strives to become an integral part of the Raider passing game as he was with the Clemson Tigers.

One of the first things Renfrow says in this video is, “I don’t really spend money on anything. I just want some land where I can just relax and do nothing.”

Preach it, brother. Though with real estate prices in California, be thankful for that football contract.

Renfrow looks like a cross between a high school chemistry teacher and Ichabod Crane, but there is no denying his talent. His footwork is impeccable, his breaks fluid and clean. Every time he touches the football, it’s a no-doubt catch. We can see the sort of consistent dependability that made him a fan favorite at Clemson.

“I just try to learn, not only my position but everybody’s position, so that I can understand the whole concept of the play,” said Renfrow. Not that Renfrow will be lining up at tackle or tight end, but that sort of attention to detail makes him versatile enough to play X, Y or Z receiver and exploit favorable matchups at all times.

The Patriots have exactly one play they’ve run for 10 years straight, and that’s to send the white guy on a slant. Nobody can stop it for some reason. Renfrow here shows his adeptness at doing just that as well as running hard after the catch. The Raiders have several top-shelf deep threats at receiver, but if defenses ignore Renfrow in the flat or over the middle, they do so at their own peril.