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Recent earthquakes did not damage Raiders Stadium in Las Vegas

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NFL: Las Vegas Stadium Construction Aerials Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Beginning on July 4, southern California was hit by several strong earthquakes, including 6.9 and a 7.1 magnitude quakes in the Death Valley area. These quakes were felt as far away as Los Angeles, Mexico and Las Vegas, and although there was no loss of life reported, there was plenty of building damage and fires.

Although Vegas felt the quakes, there does not appear to have been any damage to the new Raiders stadium being built on the Strip, nor any injuries to the construction workers, according to this piece by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Don Webb, head of the Raiders’ subsidiary in charge of building the stadium, said that the stadium had been thoroughly inspected on Saturday morning by an independent construction testing firm and engineers and that on Friday night, workers had come down from the upper levels of the stadium and worked on assembling roof trusses on the ground, just to be safe and cautious.

The stadium will be completed with the ability to withstand seismic events, but there is no real way to predict when the next quake will occur and the structure is vulnerable until that point. It’s in good shape for now, at least.

Below you can view today’s update on the Raiders stadium construction, brought to you today and every day by intrepid Raider fan Youtuber Raiders1967: