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Antonio Brown at it again, has midnight workout in Paris with rugby star

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Antonio Brown is a truly cosmopolitan man. A few weeks ago he was in Hawaii, where he worked out with a local high school team. Last week he was in Miami, where he worked out with current NFL players. And this week, he’s in Paris, where he’s also working out with someone who doesn’t even play American football.

Let’s look at how this came about.

If you, like many Americans, have zero clue who Simon Zebo is, I’ll tell you. He’s an Irish rugby star who currently plays for the French team Racing 92 in Paris. He answered the call to train with AB. So Brown flew to Paris.

Upon hitting the field, AB got to work, but he also posted this.

I call BS on this one. AB’s biggest hobby is definitely working out. The Racing 92 team naturally had a cameraman on hand to capture the action.

That tweet says “AB proclaims his support for the Sky and White”, which one assumes are the colors of the team.

So, Antonio Brown flew with his family to Paris, France to work out at midnight with a rugby player. That in itself is mind-boggling, but what’s even more so is how much work he got in. Here’s a visualization of each of Brown’s routes run during the night.

Brown capped off his trip with a show of friendship. One more member of the Nation has been recruited.