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Jon Gruden, Derek Carr to be neighbors in Las Vegas

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, Derek Carr’s brother David made the comment that Derek and Raiders head coach Jon Gruden were going to be neighbors when the team moved to Las Vegas. Today, The Athletic’s Vic Tafur confirmed the news.

Tafur’s tweet would seem to indicate that Derek’s house is in the process of being built, and Derek will move in after the team departs from Oakland. But there are other implications to glean from this.

There have been rumors going around since Gruden was re-hired as Raiders coach that Derek Carr isn’t ‘his guy’ and that Gruden would look to move on from Carr. Nothing that Gruden has said publicly would indicate that, but that sentiment persists amongst the uninformed. Carr and Gruden will soon be as close as two people can be who aren’t married to each other, and you can just imagine Gruden throwing rocks at Carr’s window at 2 a.m. wanting to go over play calls and protection packages and talk about Spider 2 Y Banana until the sun comes up.

In the event Carr isn’t the Raiders’ quarterback of the future, this could get really awkward really quick. But I see this as another indicator that the team and Gruden are locked in on Carr as the long-term leader of the franchise.