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Raiders with NFL’s second longest odds to make playoffs

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Oakland Raiders v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Vegas may be excited to be getting the Raiders next season, but their oddsmakers are not all that stoked about the Raiders’ chances of making the playoffs this season.

The most recent odds are out over at Bovada and the Raiders have the second longest odds of any team in the NFL. Here’s how the AFC stacks up.

Patriots -850

Chiefs -325

Colts -250

Chargers -210

Browns -135

Steelers -105

Texans +145

Ravens +185

Jaguars +230

Jets +250

Titans +275

Bills +300

Broncos +400

Bengals +500

Raiders +600

Dolphins +800

As you can see, two of the top four are the Chiefs and Chargers. And with the Raiders looking up at them, theirs and the Broncos make up two of the bottom four. Somewhat surprising is the Raiders have longer odds than the Broncos, but that would be splitting hairs at this point.

The Raiders at +600 and the Dolphins at +800 are longer odds than any team in the NFC as well.