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Raiders preseason week one Ballers & Busters vs Rams: Part two

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A sizable Ballers list gives way to a clearcut Top Buster with a few others who had their issues as well.

NFL: Preseason-Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports


Brandon Parker

Does anyone remember last season against the Ravens when Brandon Parker gave up three sacks on three straight plays? Yeah, he did that. The first of the three was a strip sack that was returned for a touchdown. Then on the first two plays of the next drive, he gave up two more sacks. As unprecedented as that was, he may outdone himself in this one.

Facing backups, Parker had possibly the worst series I’ve ever seen by an offensive lineman. And that’s saying something considering that Ravens debacle. I can’t describe this series by Parks and do it justice, so I will show you.

That was one series in the second quarter. It lasted six plays and these were four of them. The next series, he was flagged for illegal use of hands that called back a 7-yard reception by Keon Hatcher that turned what would have been a third and short in field goal range into a third and 20 and a punt.

He looks like he is a fan who won a contest and was pulled out of the stands and thrown into a jersey.

Those snaps were all at left tackle. He wasn’t as abysmal at right tackle, but he wasn’t great either. To begin the fourth quarter, he gave up a pressure on third down that led to a sack on Nathan Peterman.

He is battling for the reserve swing tackle job. Being horrendous on one side and bad on the other isn’t going to win anything.

Mike Glennon

It’s a shame, really, because Glennon looked quite good early on. He led them on a touchdown drive to begin the game. One of his completions went for 38 yards up the sideline to JJ Nelson.

His second drive didn’t score, but he seems to be doing well taking care of the football and making good decisions. As is often the case, however, one bad decision can cancel all those out.

To begin the second quarter, he threw an easy interception to Kevin Peterson over the middle. If not for a penalty on the return, the Rams would have been in scoring position.

The next drive, he was feeling it. He found Ryan Grant for a nice 18-yard grab. Then he found Keon Hatcher on a back-shoulder throw for 27 yards. He followed that up with a pump fake that freezed the defender and opened Marcell Ateman up for a 19-yard catch to the 12-yard-line. It ended up being all for naught, however, when he made a bad decision and a bad throw under pressure and was intercepted again.

Even with 200 yards passing in the first half, those two picks doomed his day.

Nevin Lawson

Once Blake Bortles left the game, the Rams had some pretty dreadful quarterback play. And still Lawson managed to twice get flagged for pass interference. He was also flagged for holding on a punt return. His first pass interference put the Rams in field goal range and set them up for their only points of the game. Lawson is supposed to be the team’s dime corner. But that job is far from certain. And, honestly, neither is his roster spot, especially if he can’t clean up the penalties.

James Butler

There was a pretty sizable drop in talent when Washington left the game. Butler couldn’t seem to get out of the blocks. At the half, he had 5 yards on 4 carries and he finished the game with 29 yards on 11 carries. It wasn’t until his 7th carry of the game that he picked up more than two yards.

Washington should feel pretty comfortable no back in this team is going to usurp his job. Chris Warren III might have done it if he could have kept his weight down. But Washington main worry now would probably come from someone not on the team.

Dallin Leavitt

We didn’t see anything from Leavitt until the end of this game and then he had mishap after mishap. First he was flagged for a facemask on the Raiders’ punt return. Then on defense, he missed a tackle on third and two that resulted in a six-yard run and gave up a 20-yard catch on third and six.

Lester Cotton Sr

Cotton also didn’t end this game well. To begin the fourth quarter, on third and 5, he didn’t switch quick enough on a stunt to give up a sack on Peterman. The next series, he was flagged for holding and the Raiders punted again.

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