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Celebrity chef is suing Antonio Brown for unpaid bill

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Antonio Brown just can’t stay out of the news for all the wrong reasons

Pittsburgh Steelers at Disney World Photo by Todd Anderson/Disney via Getty images

Just when you think we’re past all the controversy surrounding Antonio Brown and ready to focus on football, something else comes up. The latest is celebrity chef Stefano Tedeschi — known as “The Sports Chef” — filing a lawsuit against Brown for a $38,000 unpaid bill for his services according to an ESPN report.

The suit was filed on July 30 in Osceola (Florida) County court, so it’s hard to say why it wasn’t revealed until now.

Brown rented an Orlando-area mansion and hired the chef to prepare food for multiple days, a culinary show and other services for nearly 50 Pro Bowl teammates and many other party guests, Tedeschi told ESPN in an interview Wednesday.

Brown wrongfully terminated the agreement and did not allow Tedeschi to retrieve his equipment and food from the premises, the lawsuit states. A Brown associate told Tedeschi not to make eye contact with Brown on his way out, Tedeschi told ESPN.

Tedeschi claims he has prepared food for several NFL players including Larry Fitzgerald, Drew Brees and Jameis Winston, among others.

Brown tweeted out a message this morning, shortly after the report surfaced. Hard to say whether it has anything to do with the report, but it’s interesting considering the timing and the message.