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FanPulse: Raiders fans confidence dipped a bit prior to the draft but has rebounded since then and is holding steady

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Los Angeles Rams v Oakland Raiders Photo by Robert Reiners/Getty Images

We’ve been tracking the fan confidence level throughout the offseason. Finishing 4-12 had Raiders fans’ confidence level dip below 50% (45%). With several free agent additions including Antonio Brown, Trent Brown, Lamarcus Joyner, Tyrell Williams and Vontaze Burfict Raiders Nation was excited about the direction of the team, with their confidence shooting up to 77%. Then there was a mysterious drop.

For some reason, I can’t quite figure out, the confidence level dropped to 66% in the three weeks following the previous poll heading into the draft. Perhaps it was just the fans had come down from the free agency high and were looking at things more critically. That’s my best guess.

Regardless, following the draft, Raiders fans were on a high once again, with their confidence level shooting back up to 79% and it held steady after the first preseason game.

The funny thing is, despite 79% confidence being pretty good, it’s still 19th in the league across all SB Nation sites. Fans get a little crazy this time of year. It goes with the territory. In that regard, Raiders fans seem pretty level-headed.

Can you guess which fanbase is the most confident? If you said the Super Bowl champion Patriots, you’d be wrong. Their fans are 96% confident. It’s Chiefs and Eagles fans, both with 99% confidence. Browns fans are just below then at 98%, then Bears fans (you’re welcome) at 97%.

What’s shocking is the confidence level of the other AFC West teams. The Chargers are widely picked to be the primary competition with the Chiefs for the division crown but their fans are 21% less confident (78%) than Chiefs fans.

Equally shocking are Broncos fans who are actually less confident than Raiders fans (71%). Usually they’re the most delusional fans in sports. They peaked at 84% following the draft, but I suppose having Joe Flacco as your quarterback eventually brings even the most fanatical back to reality.

The only teams’ fans whose confidence is still below 50% are Washington (35%), Jaguars (36%), Texans (43%), and Bengals (47%).

Correction: Initially the Raiders 2018 record was listed in this article as 6-10. That was their record in 2017. It has been changed to reflect their actual record of 4-12 last season.