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Watch: Antonio Brown suited up (with helmet) running routes and catching passes pregame in Arizona

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Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Who knows what this means as far as the game tonight, but at very least it could mean Antonio Brown is close to returning to action for the Raiders. The star receiver has been recovering from frostbite injuries to his feet which has had him miss all but one set of reps in Raiders training camp. And here he is catching passes at State Farm Stadium ahead of Raiders second preseason matchup with the Arizona Cardinals.

Brown is even wearing part of his uniform. Will he put on the rest of it, or come back out in sweats? The game is less than an hour away, so we should know shortly.

When the Raiders return from Arizona, they will have three more days of camp remaining starting Saturday August 17 and breaking camp on the 19th. This display signals good things for the possibility that Brown takes the field with his teammates when they get back to Napa. If so, the Raiders can finally “get this party started” as Jon Gruden said.

Update: Antonio Brown did come back out in full Raiders uniform. ESPN is reporting that he won’t play tonight, but he was catching more passes from Carr and even dunked over the crossbar.