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Antonio Brown full participant in Raiders camp walk-thrus, Derek Carr sees nothing holding him back

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NFL: Oakland Raiders-OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday night’s game in Arizona was preempted by a welcome sight — Antonio Brown suited up, running routes, and catching passes from Derek Carr. It’s a sight Jon Gruden and the Raiders hadn’t seen much of this training camp as Brown was recovering from frostbite injuries to his feet. The question was whether that meant Brown was officially back. Saturday we may have gotten out answer.

It was just a walk-thru for the team but Brown was on the field as a full participant. I asked Derek Carr if he saw anything that he thinks would hold AB back from being a full participant going forward.

“I do not,” Carr responded. “He did everything with us just now and the man’s recall is unbelievable. He came in and [had] no mental errors and in this offense that’s not easy to do . . . you got to stay on coach Gruden’s offense all the time and you can tell Antonio’s been studying because he came out and didn’t miss a beat.”

Carr came out firing in Thursday’s win over the Cardinals even without Brown in the offense. And with him in practice it opens up the offensive playbook and Carr’s options in it.

“I can get to all my checks and do all that kind of stuff like I’ll do during the season,” Carr said of what Brown’s presence does for the offense. “And then I have the big Tyrell [Williams] and [tight end Darren} Waller and our running backs. When they’re all one-on-one what do you do? Who do you go to? That’s the mental game that we’re going to have to play. Me and coach Gruden were talking about that beforehand, but it’s nice to have him and I can play it like a real game. Where I’d go and what I’d do.”

Having the offense be able to function at it’s peak level for the final two days of training camp would be quite beneficial. Gruden reiterated his belief that Brown will be full go for these final two days of camp.

“I think so, yeah,” Gruden said of Brown practicing the final two days. He was quite enthusiastic about Brown returning to practice to finish out camp. So too is anyone watching camp practice. We’re all looking forward to seeing Brown full go for a full practice.