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Raiders preseason week two Ballers & Busters vs Cardinals: Part two

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The Busters

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images


Nevin Lawson

On the fifth Cardinals’ possession of the game, they finally brought in their second team offense. So too did the Raiders. And on the very first play, Lawson was flagged for pass interference for 29 yards. The next play Brett Hundley went deep for a 40-yard touchdown.

On the opening drive of the third quarter, Lawson gave up an 11-yard catch to put them in field goal range. The next drive, the Cardinals were set up in third and 3 and Lawson gave up an 18-yard catch.

Clelin Ferrell

The Raiders top pick had two illegal hands to the face penalties on the first drive alone. Not sure I’ve seen that before. But more than that, we’re just not seeing the pressures you would expect from the man who was drafted to solve the Raiders’ historic deficiencies in the pass rush. He has made some plays against the run, though not in this one, but the Raiders need pass rush and they need him to provide that. His only tackle in this game came after a 15-yard QB scramble.

Quinton Bell

Discipline was always going to be his first area of need. He was flagged for running into the kicker which gave the Cardinals a first down. Two plays later, he was flagged for illegal use of hands. Two plays after that, he gave up the edge to allow an 11-yard run. A play later, the Cardinals went deep for a 59-yard touchdown bomb. A drive that never should have happened.

With the second ticking down, the Cardinals were in 4th and 10 and Bell missed a sack to allow for a 22-yard scramble. The next play they threw a touchdown pass.

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