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Hard Knocks teases tonight’s episode and can you guess who it features? Self-labeled ‘enemy of the f—king state’

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The AB I mean Hard Knocks is back tonight. They put out their latest teaser and of course it’s just Antonio Brown talking to the camera.

“Working with the NFL, getting the right equipment,” Brown said, referring to his battle to get to wear his old helmet which the NFL has deemed not safe.

“Too much noise right now. More work, less noise,” Brown continued rather ironically considering most of the noise has come from him. “I feel like I was enemy of the fucking state.”

Then of course, he has to speak in the third person.

“AB is actually a good player, a really good player. And a handsome looking player, by the way.”

So, it appears once again this week’s episode will be mostly about Antonio Brown again. I mean, come on, you didn’t think this year’s Hard Knocks was going to be about the entire Raiders TEAM did you?