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Hard Knocks Raiders ratings in Pittsburgh more than three times national average, Antonio Brown responds ‘my ex still thinks about me’

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Ratings for this year’s Hard Knocks have been pretty good. In particular the first episode has yielded more than 3.7 million viewers across all HBO platforms and continues to grow according to an HBO spokesman.

The most recent episode garnered some 776K viewers nationwide on Tuesday night, while viewers also caught up on the series with 879K views of the premiere and 887K views for the second episode.

But as popular as this year’s Hard Knocks featuring the Raiders is nationwide. It was by far the most popular in one market — Pittsburgh. More than three times as popular. The news of this was put out by a couple outlets and Antonio Brown knows exactly why. He responded to the news with “My ex still thinks of me.”

Yep, that sounds about right. The city Brown spent the first nine years of his career, making 7 Pro Bowls and being named All Pro four times and forcing his way out of this offseason is more than three times as interested in his drama now playing out in Oakland. That sounds about right.