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Raiders preseason week three Ballers & Busters vs Packers: Part two

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The Raiders had to come back to win late, so whomever is responsible for them being down will get their notice here.

NFL: Preseason-Green Bay Packers at Oakland Raiders Terrence Lee-USA TODAY Sports


Nick Nelson

It’s tough to call the guy who made the game-sealing interception a Buster, but it was inevitable. That interception was on a last second Hail Mary pass by the Packers. It came after the Raiders completed a comeback from being down 21-10 to go up 22-21. And the Raiders would never have needed to make that comeback if not for Nelson getting torched all damn day.

The first completion of the game for the Packers was to Nick Nelson’s receiver. It went for ten yards and it was the start of many times the Packers QB went to that well. The next completion to a Packers receiver came near the end of the first quarter and again it was courtesy of Nick Nelson. This one went for 20 yards. That drive ended with a 13-yard touchdown pass given up by Nick Nelson.

The very next catch allowed after that was again given up by Nelson for 13 yards. That drive would end with a 16-yard touchdown pass to, you guessed it, Nick Nelson’s man. And the Packers went up 14-10.

The final Packers’ drive of the first half also went for a touchdown. On that drive, Nelson gave up consecutive catches of 11 and 13 yards. That’s seven catches for 96 yards and two touchdowns surrendered by Nelson. All in the first half. That’s all the touchdown passes the Packers had, more than all other first half passing yards combined (95) and nearly half of all first half receptions allowed (16). And the man who is Nelson’s biggest threat to lose his roster spot was Top Baller. That’s a really, really bad day.

Nevin Lawson

Lawson came in late in the first half. And it was his turn to be the whipping boy of the opposing offense. His first drive, he gave up a 22-yard catch and was blocked on an 8-yard screen. In the third quarter, he gave up a 12-yard catch on third and six. With as little time as he had in this game, and going against a third string quarterback, Lawson should not be giving up three catches for 55 yards. We talk about Nelson being in danger of losing his roster spot, but the way Lawson has been playing this preseason, he is far from safe.

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