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Colts QB Andrew Luck abruptly retires from NFL

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NFL: Pro Bowl Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

A shocker today in the NFL, as Colts quarterback Andrew Luck today announced his retirement from football.

Luck was the #1 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft by the Colts, following their horror-show season where Peyton Manning hurt his neck and they had to start Curtis Painter. Luck led the Colts to the playoffs in each of his first three seasons, but has battled injury after injury since 2015. Last year, after returning from shoulder surgery, he played well down the stretch and looked like his old self. Luck got beat up during the beginning of his career due to the Colts’ porous line (ask David Carr how that goes), but the Colts have worked diligently to curate a better offensive line group in recent seasons.

However, this year Luck has battled leg injuries and has been held out of the preseason. Apparently this retirement is more due to the 29-year-old Luck’s mental state and not necessarily the injuries, so maybe down the road the former Stanford star will return to the game. Remember, Brett Favre retired a few times.

This definitely impacts the Raiders’ schedule this season, as they will be playing on the road against the Colts in Week 4. Instead of Luck, they will play against Jacoby Brissett, who is quite a capable player but is no Andrew Luck. An incredibly difficult slate for Oakland just got a tad easier without an All-World player like Luck as an opponent.